Friday, October 1, 2010

Glen Rollanson for '3rd Time'

This week we were fortunate to hear Glen Rollanson talk about 3rd Time, his new label.

Referencing sportswear and classic tailoring, Rollanson is “reusing, recutting and recreating” discarded garments, salvaged and unused high quality fabrics. All of his garments are one off pieces, using the same pattern, with different and unique choices of fabrics throughout the collection. The range currently includes men’s tailored jackets, vests, shirts and a more casual bomber jacket.

Rollanson is not only “finding beauty within the forgotten”, but his designs are functional and make the most of the unique properties of each fabric. Design and ergonomics have been well considered in fabric choice, illustrated by the combination and placement of knitted and woven fabrics. One of the features of the collection is knitted back panels that are not only aesthetically pleasing in their textural variance but also allow for ease of movement.

Rollanson’s designs are, “reacting against over-consumption by using what already exists”. As he uses off cuts of his own fabrics and those from other areas of the fashion industry, Rollanson is doing his part to utilise what is around him, rather than adding to this ‘consumption’. Although he does not see himself as an advocate for sustainable fashion, his ethos is one of reducing waste and promoting recycling.

The designs of the jackets are definitely ones to be seen. They include precise tailoring, and reference the past with the fabric choices used, each with a beautiful cut and elegance to them…

“Each jacket tells a story”

- Written by Lauren Slaviero

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