Friday, October 8, 2010

Captains of Industry

I decided on a Saturday afternoon to ride down to Captain of Industry, a nifty little place located just off little Bourke down Somerset Place, where I had the pleasure to sit down and have a chat with Thom Grogan, who offers a made to measure service within the vicinity. Unlike the in-house bespoke shoe service also offered at captain of industry, Grogan’s suits and designs are manufactured off site, actually all the way over in New Zealand. Despite not making the final garment handed over to the customer, Grogan does involve himself within the work. He creates all the designs made available, as well as develops the blocks used and concentrates on changing them to fit the client. As a self-taught designer, Grogan is influenced by the classical elements of tailoring, and menswear. Using all the traditional techniques within his works, such as the rolled lapel, horsehair canvas, shoulder pads and more, he considers his designs as contemporary takes on the traditional tailored technique. He felt that tailors didn’t know fashion, they just knew tradition, and he wanted to bring fashion to tailoring with his designs. With over 90 different fabrics to choose from the service provided is quite spectacular. With a very laid back, easygoing approach, customers won’t feel intimidated at all entering the shop. With four different services available at the shop, including, a men’s barber, bespoke shoes, a cafĂ© and Thom’s made to measure service, Captains of industry is defiantly an individual place that must be visited.

Captain of industry is Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm. Closed on Sunday and public holidays. They are located at 2 Somerset Lane, just off little Bourke.

Thom's Studio at the Shop

On site machine, to do small alterations for customers

Some of the pre made patterns

The Traditional Elements

Front of the shop

- By Lois McGruer-Fraser

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