Friday, October 1, 2010

Carol Christian Poell

Austrian designer, Carol Christian Poell, uses new and modern textiles to create well cut garments with inventive structure and construction. With these techniques, he creates conceptual pieces of wearable art.

His most recent collection is currently stocked at Eastern Market and is an amazing combination of classic cutting for tailoring with innovative methods of construction. One of the most explored ideas is plastics and tapes for bonding the fabrics together. He has taken tailoring to a new level with his exploration of processes and fabrications. This collection shows of his use of new techniques, in the designs of the garments. Many of the jackets don’t have linings, thus showing the methods used.

The inside structure of the garments has the same effect as traditional tailoring, but is done in totally different ways. The jackets don’t include traditional interlinings, instead using tapes and plastic adhesives to get the hand worked shaping and structure into the jackets. Many of the seams are bonded together with these tapes, and it adds extra strength and support to the overall finish.

One of the techniques I found most interesting were the accessories that had a rubber finish. These items consisted of a belt, bag and shoes that had been dipped into rubber and hung up to dry. This created exquisite pieces that looked as though they were dripping, producing a random and one off finish to each one.

As well as innovative techniques, the designs are also well thought out. These, as well as the internal workings involve new textiles in pieces like plastic trench coats and plastics panels in jackets. Jackets have also been made from high quality leathers and more traditional fabrics like wool and cotton.

- Written by Lauren Slaviero

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